Zetcil Game Mechanic Framework

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I'm Rickman Roedavan

Author, Lecturer and Game Director

I have been using Unity since 2009 and I found that Unity has strong potential to provide a solid Game Development environment, even for a non-programmer user. Zetcil Game Mechanic Framework is my personal research that aims to make every Unity user can create a game without writing a single code. It's still in the early stage, but I hope it can be useful for everyone. Cheers!

Zetcil Framework Package

Variable Model
Animation Model
Auth Model
Poser Model
Session Model
Shell Model
Sound Model
PHP Model
XML Model
Plagiat Model
Bootstrap View
Camera View
Canvas View
Effect View
Environment View
Tween View
Layout View
Planet View
Game Controller
Language Controller
Player Controller
Skin Controller
Unity Controller
Interaction Controller
Mobile Controller
Speech Controller
Photon Controller
Vuforia Controller
Arduino Controller
Kinect Controller
GoogleVR Controller
Occulus Controller
Quiz Controller
Essential Blueprint
Gameflow Blueprint
Shooter Blueprint
Invector Blueprint
Dynamic Blueprint
Raider Blueprint
Breadcrumb AI
Particle SFX
Extension UI
Importer VRM
Exporter PMX
Character FBX
Sprite PNG

Zetcil Package Overview

Zetcil Model

Zetcil Model is the core packages that contain non-visual packages that function to manage data in the game such as variables, xml and debugger console.

Zetcil View

Zetcil View is visual packages that function to manage and display user interface elements such as health, mana, exp, and score.

Zetcil Controller

Zetcil Controller is packages that function to manage input from users and manage data communication between Zetcil Model and View.

Zetcil Atom

Zetcil Atom is a template project that was built using the Zetcil Framework and is ready to be modified into various forms of games

Zetcil Blueprint

Zetcil Blueprint is a third-party package that has been modified so that it can run seamlessly on the Zetcil Environment

Zetcil Xtras

Zetcil Xtras is a collection of third-party packages that are used directly without modification as a complement to the game development process


Total Packages (+)


Total Prefabs (+)


Runtime Script (+)


Editor Script (+)

Tutorial and FAQ.

Zetcil Game Mechanic Framework Complete Tutorial, FAQ and Guidelines. Check out for more updates!
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