Applied Game

Serious Games or Applied Games are games that are designed to achieve certain goals other than for pure entertainment. Serious Game is a subgenre of Serious Storytelling. In this genre the story line is developed through interactive narrative to achieve certain patterns / goals by having a context outside of pure entertainment. "Serious Games tend to be simulations with explicit emphasis on pedagogical values.

Industry on Applied Games

In general, there are several industries that can be used as core-industries in Applied Games, namely:

Urban planning
Culture & Tourism

The main competence in Applied Game

In general, there are several core competencies that are the objectives of the Applied Game, namely:

Cognitive (Understanding, Memory, Problem Solving)
Emotional (Emotion Control, Endurance)
Personal (Self-Observation, Self-Critics)
Motor (Eye-hand / Foot Coordination, Reaction time)
Social (Cooperation, Competition, Moral Judgment)
Media (Media Knowedge, Media Design)

The following are some examples of the application of core competencies from Applied Games that can be used as a reference in the process of developing Applied Games.

Applied Game: Cognitive

Problem Solving Series (Math/Physics/Chemical)
1. Understanding Aljabar
2. Understanding Geometry
3. Understanding Trigonometry
4. Understanding Calculus
5. Understanding Logic
6. Understanding Graph

Level-B Game: 
Math Game #1
Math Game #2

Level-A Game: 
Intellijoy ABC Letter
Kindergarten Math

Level-AAA Game: 
Triseum Variant Limit

Applied Game: Emotional

Endurance Series (Math, Words, Logic)
1. Calculation Exercise 
2. Typing Exercise
3. Logic Exercise

Psycology Series (Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic, Phlegmatic)
1. Simulate Story
2. Simulate Feeling
3. Simulate Situation
4. Simulate Mood

Level-B Game: 
Quick Math
Cat Mario

Level-A Game: 
Typer Shark
Typing Game

Level-AAA Game: 
Maxim The Sims

Applied Game: Motoric

Aerobic Series (Walking, Jogging)
1. Lose Weights Exercise 
2. Stamina Exercise
3. Immune System Exercise
4. Heart Exercise
5. Arteries Exercise
6. Mood Booster Exercise

Simulator Series (Cycling, Driving)
1. Sport Exercise 
2. Skill Exercise
3. Virtual Tour

Level-A Game: 
Pokemon Go

Level-AAA Game: 
Driving Game
Kinect Game

Applied Game: Social

Multiplayer Endurance Series (Math, Words, Logic)
1. Calculation Exercise 
2. Typing Exercise
3. Logic Exercise

Applied Game: Media 

Language Knowledge Series (English/Japanese/Korean/Arabic)
1. Learning Alphabet
2. Learning Words
3. Learning Sentence
4. Learning Listening
5. Learning Reading
6. Learning Writing
7. Learning Speaking

History Knowledge Series (Arabic/Indonesia/America/Korean/Japanese)
1. Learning History
2. Learning Mythology
3. Learning Hypothesis

Human Knowledge Series (Asia/Afrika/Europe/America/Australia)
1. Learning Appereance
2. Learning Structue
3. Learning Language
4. Learning Culture
5. Learning Achievement

Animal Knowledge Series (Invertebrates, Mammals, Birds, Amphibians, Reptiles, Fish)
1. Learning Appereance
2. Learning Structure
3. Learning Healthcare

Plants Knowledge Series (Mosses & Liverworts, Ferns,Gymnosperms, Angiosperms)
1. Learning Appereance
2. Learning Structure
3. Learning Healthcare

Cooking Knowledge Series (Baking, Roasting, Grilling, Frying, Boiling, Steaming)
1. Learning Tools
2. Learning Ingredients
3. Learning Techniques
4. Learning Recipes

Automotive Knowledge Series (Land, Sea, Air)
1. Learning Purposes
2. Learning Appereance
3. Learning Technology

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