Education Low Fantasy (ELF) Storytelling Framework

The story has been integrated into the curriculum from preschool to higher education. There are many studies that mention the techniques and methods of teachers who use stories in a variety of subjects, including science and mathematics.

This combination has offered many practical ideas to include stories as part of primary and secondary education. In higher education, stories have been used to teach practical and theoretical learning outcomes. From law to nursing to dentistry, educators have taught the pillars of disciplined knowledge through storylines.

The problem is there is no, and perhaps, it is almost impossible to establish a single absolute formula to create a good story for education. Because there are too many elements to consider, as well as different target audiences. Nevertheless there are still gaps to create an educational story framework that is adapted to specific needs.

Education Low Fantasy (ELF) Storytelling Framework or ELF story concept is a concept that combines educational material with fictional elements that aims to facilitate the delivery of educational material in the form of integrated stories.

The fictional element used is a form of Low-Fantasy that will make the process of transforming educational material into more related to the audience. The ELF Storytelling Framework consists of the following elements:

1. Ordinary World
2. Special Problem
3. Mentor/Friend/Foe
4. The Two World
5. Puzzle & Mistery
6. Knowledge Upgrade
7. Moral Of Story

One example of the application of the ELF concept is the Sesame Street series which tells a group of puppets living side by side with normal humans in general. In their daily stories, there are various kinds of educational material that are inserted in accordance with the problems that arise in each episode.

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